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Windows Movie Maker tutorial 
26th-Mar-2009 05:50 pm
Here is a Windows Movie Maker tutorial for sarexobearrrrr

When you open up Windows Movie Maker, it should be set on Storyboard, you can click the arrow and change it to timeline or keep it set on story board.

To import our videos and music you can click import media at the top or on the side under import, there are different options there.

Once your videos and music are imported, drag the music to the storyboard/timeline. If you are using the storyboard, it will switch to the timeline. You can just switch it back.

To make clips, you cna play clips and click the split button in the place where ou want to split. Click where you want to split the clips at. The resulting clips will show up under imported media. There is another way, but this is how I did it prior to use Sony Vegas.
& yes, I had to use Shane

Drag the clips to the timeline/storyboard where you want them to be.

To add transitions in between clips, click transitions on the side, A number of transitions will be displayed on your screen. I suggest stick with fade, the rest are pretty tacky. In storyboard, drag it into the slots between clips. In timeline, simply drag it between the clips.

You can also add effects. Click effects, it is above transitions. If you want to use any of these, just drag it onto the clip.

The final thing before exporting the video is to add credits/titles. This option is below transitions. When the screen comes up choose one of the options. After that boxes will be displayed, simply type what you want into those. You can change what they look like/how they move with change the title animation. You can also change the background and text colors along with the font under change the text font and color.

Finally, to export go to File>Publish movie and follow the instructions.
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